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Review of “Love Thy Body” by Nancy Pearcey

If you read my post on Tuesday: Walking for Life and Standing Boldly then you know I mentioned a review regarding Love Thy Body by Nancy Pearcey would be forthcoming. Here it is:

This book was amazing. I first heard about it on a podcast that I listen to each week, Sheologians. If you are interested in hearing about a Christian perspective on things happening in our culture from the perspective of Christian woman than you should definitely check them out.

Nancy Pearcey begins her book by laying out our culture’s stance on the body, which is basically that our bodies are meaningless and don’t add any value or worth in our life. What we think and feel is the most important thing. But, as Christians we do not feel that way. God says that we are made in His image and that He knew us when we were in our mother’s womb (have to stop for a second and say how amazing is that!).

Pearcey goes through all the various “big ticket” agendas in our world that involve the body and this ranges from abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, and even eugenics. She focuses upon a concept that is being used by our culture called “person-hood theory” which basically says that a human is only a person when they have value in this world; ie “it” only becomes a person when it can think and be independent. That’s a pretty scary thought when you follow it all the way to it’s logical conclusions beyond the realm of abortion.

If you want to learn more, I really suggest that you pick up Pearcey’s book. It demonstrates a very direct look at our current culture and things that we as Christian’s must oppose to live out God’s commands for His church.

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